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Hi to you all this is Paul again,

I expect that you are here  because you`re looking for information about how to enlarge your pennies. It`s very hard to start in the right spot because on the internet you can find are a lot of wrong and dangerous info. This topic is very serious and emotional for many guys and all of them wants to find out some fast and permanent solution how to enlarge your pennies. Unfortunately there are people who sees in this problem only a chance to make some money. To enlarge your pennies can`t be the place for it!

enlarge your pennies surgery

NB! Do not enlarge your pennies with surgery!!!

OK my opinion is maybe to radical, there are also people who seriously working hard to solve this problem and help guys. It`s logical that   those people deserve a income for their job. Nobody is not against it I believe but the whole trouble are those internet marketers who don`t know any thing about “how to enlarge your pennies?” and only thinking about money. We all have seen those nonsense products. These products don`t work and even worse, can be dangerous and hard you. I mean it`s very selfish and cheap to do so. These guys have a serious problem and they really need to know to enlarge your pennies.  They are looking for product, info etc how to enlarge your pennies and of course they are ready to spend some money for it. Who wants to live with a small pennies? I don`t know not a one personally!

You need to know how to enlarge your pennies the right and safe way

I know what you are living thru because have been there. I was searching for years how to enlarge your pennies solution and bought a few SCAM products. I even hurt myself fortunately not permanently. I was pretty much hopeless and desperate and ready to live my whole life with the smal pennies. However I was still searching information about pennies enlargement. I was even thinking about surgery! Please man, do not even think about it to enlarge your pennies with surgery. This is insane and the worst thing you can do. It`s not working the way they keep saying plus the danger aspect.

Enlarge your pennies the same way I did…

enlarge your pennies with PenisAdvantage

I recommend to enlarge your pennies with PenisAdvantage

One day I got Email from some list I had subscribed to in the past. They sent me some program commercial named “Penis Advantage”. I didn`t know what to think about it because I was already so sceptic about this “enlarge your pennies” topic. However I was reading about it on and also on other review sites. I saw really positive and honest comments from real guys. I also had a few conversations with a two guys who where amazed about their results. They was like what are you waiting for? Then finally decided to give my self a last chance to enlarge my pennies. This program really promise to enlarge your pennies about 1-4 inches. I`m was thinking “If I able to enlarge it at least 1 inch I`m happy enough”.  So read what really happened…

To enlarge your pennies with the PenisAdvantage? – The truth

At first I was little confused about the promise to “enlarge your pennies using only your hands!”. However it really is that simple, no bills, no pumps, weights, surgery all the crap I had read before. Here comes the real truth- I Paul enlarged my pennies more than 4 inches. I was like ” Can this really be permanent?” and now after 1,5 years later I can say YES. It is really possible to enlarge your pennies and most of the times it`s more than 1 inch. I truly recommend to enlarge your pennies and I`m the biggest fan for life.

Enalrge your pennies with the PenisAdvantage – My personal review

enlarge your pennies the safe way

Enlarge your pennies the safe way

The first thing I keep on saying is “It`s working, truly is!” you really can enlarge your pennies. Second great thing is the Money Back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the results you will get your money back. I think this is very important point and it takes all the risk to 0. I mean you don`t have nothing to lose. For me it was the main aspect and I was sold when I saw the money back guarantee. I mean it has to be good when the creator gives such a great guarantee (8 week 100% money back, no questions asked at all!). I mean whats the point if it`s not working, one day all people ask their money back.

But lets now talk about my life after PenisAdvantage. My life is better than ever before. Once again I strongly recommend the Penis Advantage to enlarge your pennies. After the program I have become more confident and bolder and we even haven’t talked about the sex yet. In bed is whole different world man. Everything is absolutely super, my pennies is longer, a bit ticker and my erection is stronger than ever before. I can go for hours and not think about stopping. I have more control over the situation and I can satisfie my girl(s) every time. I can truly say that after Penis Advanatge my life has changed a lot.I think it is the best solution to enlarge your pennies.

What can I say more? If you seriously want enlarge your pennies and you are ready to work for it the this is for you. You will not find there something dangerous. It is all about your hands, different exercises. Those exercises are all safe and can`t harm you at all. These exercises will improve your penis size plus it`s functionality. It`s just so fool proof to enlarge your pennies with it.  I hope my new post is helpful enough to you. I sen clearly hope you will also find help for your problem to enlarge your pennies and you don`t do the same mistakes I did in past.  Good Luck !


Enlarge Your Pennies Paul


Enlarge Your Pennies Now 1-4 Inches With Your Hands

enlarge your pennies at homeOk guys this is it! In this post I will finally tell you my success story how I enlarged my pennies about 3 inches and how can you enlarge your pennies to. But at first I want to talk about how I found it. Like I said before I was quite depressed and tired about searching a good product or some secret way how to increase my pennies size. I had tried so many different techniques and exercises but unfortunately none of them had a permanent effect.

Some of them even caused me minor injuries. I even thought maybe I should try some bill or creme. I didn`t like that idea but this was my last chance. Surgery was way to much to me, I can`t even think about it. However I didn`t have to try none of them. Lastly I found one website about penis enlargement and after those super hyped websites it felt pretty good. Of course there was little bit unreal arguments but like I said “It felt alright”. After I was looked that site little more I bought it. I was like “It can´t be worse than the last one” and by the way it wasn`t!

 Enlarge your pennies with this method…

Actually I realized that this one seems some how much logical. After my first week, I saw that my penis have grown, it felt bigger and more sensitive. Some thing was different so I finished that enlargement program. The result was amazing, my pennies was after that program about 2,5-3 inches bigger and it functioned better than ever before. My only thought was “Does this result going to be permanent?” I can tell you now that it is permanent. It was unbelievable, finally i had bigger pennies. I didn`t have to ashamed anymore my body. It was like a dream. But like everything in this life, this product has it`s own weaknesses.

This pennies enlargement program is only for those men who seriously want to enlarge their pennies. If you are not totally sure about this it is not for you! It is not some magic exercises or bill. You have to be ready to work hard for the positive result. This program don`t give you some false promises like some scam sites. They give you exercises and right techniques and you have to follow their tips exactly. Remember it takes a few minutes a day- four to five days a week, but the continuity is very important. The program promises add 1-4 inches to your pennies if you exercising about 6 minutes a day. Also there is money back guarantee. If you don`t add nothing to your pennies they give your money back. Just like that! If you think about it, you don`t have nothing to lose:)

Enlarge your pennies with this method because it have bid success rate…

This program have 99,8% customer success rate in 2011. I really like this enlargement program because everything is very easy to understand. You can learn the pennies enlargement exercises on pictures and videos. Also the guide is very well written.


The best thing about it is that it`s all natural. No bills and stuff, you need only your hands. They teach you how to do each exercise safely and the right way so you don´t have nothing to worried about. However, if have some questions they offer very good customer support and all the program (service) is absolutely discreet. They don`t sent nothing to your home etc. I think if you seriously thinking to enlarge your pennies then this is the first program you should consider.

Click HERE to check out the method I`m talking about

How To Enlarge Your Pennies At Home

enlarge your penniesIn this post I want to talk about abilities how to enlarge your pennies at home. Did you know that more than 40% of men are unhappy with their size! Mostly guys want bigger pennies for their ability to make their partner(s) more happy. We all know that pennies size plays a very important role in that. But when nature has left you with a small pennies you will have to get some professional help! I can tell you that it really is possible to enlarge your pennies. I know because I did it and whats more important a natural way. No bills, no surgery (this is crazy) and no dangerous exercises what can damage your buddy. It is very important that exercises what you are going to use are the right ones!

Some methods to enlarge your pennies

The typical ways you can enlarge your pennies at home are different pennies enlargement exercises. Most commonly used are different stretching techniques. It works some times and if you do it the right way it will widen and lengthen your pennies. But you should be very careful because it is very easy to hurt yourself. You`ll have to be patient and gentle. When we are talking about stretching techniques then you can do it several ways. The simplest version is using your hands. But the second one, hanging is more difficult and dangerous. By the word itself, the exercise hangs an object in the organ. You must be very careful with the loads. Don`t use to heavy loads, it is the same if you do it to hard with your hands. You can damage your sexual function! The use of weights or hands can make your penis bigger, but this will not be a permanent effect.

Enlarge your pennies with the bills?

Also you can try the bills if you want to. But are they going to work? I really don`t know, I haven’t done that myself so I can`t tell you the objective opinion. But it is not very hard to find stories when some guy has tried the bills and growth was 0 inches. Comon some bill can make your pennies bigger? When the bills are so great why we are talking about it right now? It is more comfortable, you don`t have to do these exercises and stuff.

Try this safe method to enlarge your pennies!

But like I said in my last post, I finally found a great exercises system that worked on me. That’s the whole reason why I made that blog at all. I just want to share my luck to others. There are a lot of scams out there and it is hard to trust someone. Especially when we are talking about so private thing. But lets be real, there is nothing to shame about. We can`t choose our body, it is how it is and we have to accept it. We can only hope that there is some solution to our problem and some how we have to find it. Believe me I know how hard it is ti find it! I hope that now you will understand why I made this blog. To make it a little more simple for some guy.

I hope that now when you know more about my purpose, you are ready for that product I´m going to tell you about? Don`t miss my next blog! It`s going to be big! You will find out the best product to enlarge your pennies naturally at home when you CLICK HERE.

How To Enlarge Your Pennies?

Hi everybody!


This is my first post on this enlarge your pennies blog and i want to write this a short one. More like introduction to the topic. I think that the first and the most important thing is to do this safely. I know the situation might be depressing but you have to think clearly. Do not try some extreme and dangerous techniques to enlarge your pennies, believe me it`s not worth it. If you hurt yourself maybe in the future you don`t even have a pennies. So I think it is very important to do all this as safely and naturally as possible. Use your common sense for that.

Enlarge Your PenniesThe first and most common is to use some pennies enlargement exercises. Of course there are no training benches for that:) But there are some techniques how you can enlarge yourself a little. NB! Like I say`ed before, please take all this stuff with the common sense and do not overdo! All these stretching and stuff may work a little but be careful man. There are so many cases where guys have hurt themselves permanently!

Most Popular Choices To Enlarge Your Pennies

Very popular choice is the penis pump to enlarge your pennies. The bad thing about the pumps is that they don`t have lasting effect. It`s more like solution for the moment. But what about the bills and creams, all this crap promise you the unbelievable results, unfortunately these products don`t work very well. Ok I can handle the bills and stuff but what about surgery? I think this is the most craziest thing to do. Please do not even think about it. What kind a man let someone with the knife near to he`s pennies? This is crazy!

Please Be Careful To Enlarge Your Pennies!

I think you will have to take this as easy as you can. I know you want the solution and fast but this is serious thing. The best thing is that I have a solution for you! I know probable you don`t believe me right now. At first I was also suspicious when I found that pennies enlargement system. I thought first that this is another hyped site. The promise is to enlarge your penis 1-4 inches when you use this system. But it really worked on me and I`m the luckiest man in the world after that. Check it out here if you want to – enlarge your pennies.
Don`t worry I will tell you about it more detail soon how to enlarge your pennies:)

See ya…

PaulEnlarge Your Pennies Paul